Come Join Us at mini-SIFFT on May 3, 2014






mini-SIFFT is a special one-day only encore presentation to our successful inaugural Sikh International Film Festival Toronto (SIFFT) 2013. This film festival will be held on May 3, 2014 in Brampton, Ontario at Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School. This event allows us to bring the wonderful films screened at last year's Fall film festival to the wider GTA audience.

The programming for this Film Festival shows the tremendous diversity in both content and form of Sikh-centric films. This eclectic content allows SIFFT to share with the community everything from thought provoking narratives to trailblazing documentary pieces. As a result, our audiences will enjoy works rooted in personal stories, created by filmmakers who clearly appreciate the art of cinema and who illustrate their stories with thoughtful, beautiful visuals.


FALL Festival

The Sikh Foundation of Canada is planning for the 2nd Annual Sikh International Film Festival Toronto in the Fall of 2014. The Festival will shine a spotlight on uniquely Sikh stories and Sikh storytellers, with a special focus on documentaries, features and short films that celebrate the rich heritage and cultural contributions of Sikhs around the world.

SIFFT was founded to support and encourage the production and promotion of films based on the wealth of Sikh stories and perspectives, share them with mainstream and industry audiences, and create opportunities for and provide resources to the next generation of Sikh-Canadian filmmakers.

The growing Sikh community in the Greater Toronto Area provides an eager audience base for the SIFFT, while Toronto's well deserved reputation as a film city allows for the cultivation of a broader audience of film fans, promoting cultural understanding and appreciation among film buffs from across the GTA.

The Sikh International Film Festival Toronto is destined to become Canada's premier celebration of Sikh stories, and will serve as an incubator and launching pad for the next generation of Sikh storytellers.